Care Services & Consultation

We specialize in delivering services to children with medical conditions and disabilities, including those with chronic, acute, and complex care needs. With expertise in both social services and medical care, ACSC provides comprehensive support.

Tracy Sanderson BSW, Program Director

Arnold Enano RN BN, Medical Consultant

Our Mission

ACSC's mission is to support children with specific medical needs by offering customized, health-focused, and cost-effective solutions that prioritize the child's cultural background, beliefs, dignity, confidentiality, and well-being.

Tracy Sanderson BSW, Program Director

A Passionate Worker with Decades of Experience

During her career, Tracy Sanderson held an exclusive position for 15 years at Winnipeg Child and Family Services, specifically for their Medical Foster Program. She has also completed various educational and training sessions focused on fostering, trauma, medical issues, and disabilities. In recognition of her work, Tracy received the 2012 RBC Local Hero Award, and has served as a member of the board of directors for Action Day Nursery. Since 2010, she has been the Director and Chairperson of the Ikwe Widdjitiwin Woman’s Shelter.

Arnold Enano RN BN, Medical Consultant

A University Graduate and Experienced Nurse with a Passion for Foster Children

Arnold Enano graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing in 2004. Throughout his career, he worked at a tertiary hospital in specialized/acute Internal Medicine and Surgical units, Hemodialysis, Medical Intensive Care unit (MICU), Coronary Care unit (CCU), Cardiology, Day Surgery unit, Endoscopy, and Interventional Cardiac Care (coronary angiogram) unit. Arnold also completed additional nationally recognized education programs and attained certifications in Critical Care Nursing (Intensive Care) program, the Nephrology Renal/Hemodialysis program, Cardiac ECG/EKG interpretation, Surgical Step-Down Unit, Conscious Sedation, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Arnold's diverse experience and certifications in various nursing programs enable him to provide exceptional care to medical foster children.

ACSC has a team of medical and social work professionals, such as nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and physicians, among others. These experts have been involved in various programs, including surgical and internal medicine, amputation and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, cancer and palliative care, and transplant coordination. They are equipped to handle children with severe physical and mental health issues and can provide recommendations and support as needed.